Plug It In and Go!

Posted by Admin | March 23rd, 2010

Chrysler and Fiat have announced that they will produce their first electric-run car in 2012. There is some hope, amongst investors, that this launch will revitalize what has become somewhat of a damaged brand, on Chrysler’s behalf. The Plug-In 500, as the car is called, will be the first electric vehicle to be marketed under the two companies’ strategic and commercial alliance.

The powertrain on the new 500EV will feature a lithium-ion battery connected to an electric-vehicle control unit to manage flow of power to the engine.Every part of the vehicles, except the powertrain, will be assembled in Toluca, Mexico, where Chrysler is launching gasoline-engine versions of the Fiat 500 later this year. The battery is being developed by A123 Systems of Watertown, Mass.

I’m sure the Chrysler investors are praying that the American people are ready for electric cars. We shall see, I suppose.