Black…next couple of weeks?

Posted by Admin | November 25th, 2009

In the past, Black Friday has always been the biggest day for bargains in the entire year. Each year, thousands of shoppers flock to their favorite stores, Walmart, Bestbuy, Target, etc, looking for the best deals. No other day garners the same sort of excitement.

However, many stores are attempting to get an edge over their competitors by extending the deals for longer. Although the deals will not be as drastic as in previous years, chain stores are hoping to keep the deals coming for longer–which should serve to lure customers to their stores permanently. In the coming weeks, consumers will likely see deals that are just as good as those many will crowd outside stores in the early morning on Friday to get.

That is not to say consumers who brave the nation’s stores on Friday will not find deals on flat-screen televisions and fluffy ear muffs. But the products on sale that day, particularly electronics, generally are lower-end products without many extras, or they are older models on the verge of being discontinued. That is, of course, a reason stores are able to offer them at low prices.

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